LT Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides two main kind of packaging products: returnable products and one-way products, plus a range of anticorrosion accessories. It is mainly oriented towards the automotive industry, but its extreme flexibility permits to also join other kind of industry sectors.


Designed to last in time, all LT Techno products are recyclable, Rohs compliant, reusable, and provide a reduced environmental impact. This is the best choice to guarantee a safe storage of products and a high level of standardization.
Standard products:
  • PP Boxes
  • PP Inlets
  • PP Layers and Trays
  • ABS Thermoforming Trays


LT Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a great number of one-way packaging products, all made by the highest quality materials, responding to each specific customer requirements.
  • Cardboard boxes: american, semi-american, with or without lid
  • Cardboard inlet and layers
  • Wooden Pallet (with or without HT treatment)
  • PE Bags


LT Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can also provide a wide range of anticorrosion products, suitable for long period storage of goods or different kind of shipments (airfreight, sea, train, etc.):
  • Desiccant bags
  • VCI bags
  • Aluminum bags