Packaging engineering

In the last years, LT Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offered its deep knowledge of packaging issues to important international companies, elaborating turn-key solutions for different kind of logistic situation. Thanks to its long experience, LT Techno has permitted to its customers to improve process efficiency, save money, and increase the quality of the stored products or shipping ones.

LT Techno main strengths lie on extreme flexibility, reliability, packaging know-how, and first of all a customer oriented strategy: customer satisfaction is always at the first place for us.

Our service starts with an accurate analysis of the customer requirements and the project targets identification (product quality increase, money saving, freight optimization, safer product storage, and so on).
Then the process involves our R&D technical department to identify the best solution responding to both customer needs and desired goals.

Main process phases include:
  • specific packaging engineering;
  • samples production;
  • serial production.
During all the processes, we make every effort to support the customer step by step, giving him continuous feedback and involving all the parts to reach the best possible result.

Our 40 years packaging experience at your disposal…